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Sri Vidhya has grown thus far because of the generous support of individuals and institutions that have shared resources; time and expertise. But the need far outweighs the ability to meet it. Contributions in cash and kind are welcome from those who believe that people with special needs deserve a chance for a better life.

Your gifts of time, energy and funds help to support high quality special education and provide opportunities for children with financial needs.

You could also help in more specific ways:

  • Special Educator's Salary-Rs.15000 per month
  • Junior Teacher's salary- Rs.8000 per month
  • Ayah's salary-Rs.5000 per month
  • Hostel Child's upkeep -Rs.4000 per month
  • Day Scholar's training -Rs.1500 per month

In addition to Online donation, We also have several modes of offline donations if you are New to online donations mode, please mail or call us on 040-27734515, we will collect it at your door step or guide you on how your help can reach us

Thank you for your continuing involvement and tremendous generosity toward our school !

A little help from you can help a person with mental retardation go a long way. Donations are tax exempt under Section 80-G of the Indian Income-Tax Act.


To prepare each child to  
be a dignified and useful member of society.


Founded in 1999, Srividhya Centre for Special Children works to empower physically and mentally challenged children through education and training.

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